Move Day Policy

College Dudes Help U Move Day Policies and Procedures

Please read this entire page for information about our policies and procedures as well as other information to help you prepare for your moving crew.



Your College Dudes Help U Move, Moving Crew will arrive with hand trucks, shoulder dolly carrying straps and tools. Professional grade furniture blanketing and shrink wrap will also be used to protect your items with purchase of our local or long distance moving service. All of your contents need to be properly packaged into boxes or cartons. If you will be packing your own boxes, please remember to include ALL articles, including, TVs, lamp shades, wall art, mirrors and small appliances. Articles NOT in protective packaging and inside a box or carton, will NOT be covered by our damage policy for any reason. If you are not finished packing prior to arrival, please call our office, we are here to help!

Please REMOVE/EMPTY any and all OIL, FUEL, GAS, OR PROPANE from machinery or furniture.

By law we are not permitted to transport highly flammable substances in the back of box trucks. This includes fuel of any nature, flammable oils, alcohol, and contents under pressure. You will need to arrange to transport these items in your personal vehicle. If you need help with this, please contact us right away. Washing Machines, Dryers, Refrigerators, Freezers, and any other Major Appliance hook ups: Our Moving Crews are NOT electronic or appliance service professionals.   Please disconnect all electronics and major appliances prior to your moving day. For the safety of the appliance, it is recommended that you drain any water from hoses, defrost and air out insides of refrigerators and freezers, and allow them to be turned off for at least 24 hours prior to being moved.

Please read our blog for more information and handy tips on moving safely and efficiently.


Due to the nature of delivering relocation services, we schedule a 1-2 hour window for our time of arrival. Unforeseen issues and delays can arise while moving homes and offices. Often times, these hiccups or delays are out of anyone’s control, especially during peak season. Our teams go above and beyond to help all of our clients get through the hardship of moving, even when things do not go as hoped. Rest assured that we will provide the best service possible regardless of your circumstance. We also take every measure to ensure that we keep our commitments to arrive on time to all of our clients. Please be aware that in doing so, delays, and in rare cases, rescheduling can happen. Please plan ahead for this possibility. We strive to provide the most absolute prompt service but should a significant issue arise that will effect your services, we will contact you immediately. Additionally, please make proper contingency plans in case your own move encounters hang ups or takes longer than expected.


It is important to plan your move ahead of deadlines, allowing the relocation plenty of time for any unforeseen events or delays beyond anyones control. If you do have special time constraints associated with your move, its imperative that you communicate them to us. We will make every effort to accommodate and meet your needs.

Furniture Assembly

Your Moving Crew will assemble and disassemble your furniture at your request for no additional cost beyond your labor rates. You MUST provide instructions for any piece of furniture that requires more than 4 screws or bolts, or are specific, speciality items that are not considered common household items. Without instructions, we will still attempt the assembly/disassembly, upon request, but we will not be able to guarantee the work.


An under-booking is when adequate services were not reserved in advance. Although no one can predict just how long your move will take, with adequate details of your inventory and home terrain, we can prepare for any situation. We can not perform to the best of our abilities if we are not properly informed and prepared. We are happy to provide rates and estimates via phone, email, or in home, however, it is absolutely essential for you to provide the following complete details when booking your services with any mover:

  • Provide all logistical data relevant to your relocation: Addresses. Phone number. Date and Time you need to move.
  • Describe in detail and provide the number of stairs inside and outside of your home
  • Describe any item over 200lbs.
  • Describe the terrain and distance between parking of a large box truck and entry ways to access articles.
  • Provide a complete inventory of furniture, appliances, and boxes to be moved.
  • Any other relevant information the movers will need to know in order to move you smoothly.

Examples of under-booking: Upon our arrival, if you did not completely and adequately inform of us of all the information listed above ahead of time, then you have most likely under-booked your moving services. i.e. If you have scheduled only 2 hours with 2 movers and a small truck; but your home is 3 bedrooms or more, or about half or more of your articles need to be moved over several flights of stairs, you are most likely under booking. Our estimators use move estimating technology that provides database estimates to derive how long a move of similar size might take.This estimate is for your convenance only and is nonbinding. We are an hourly moving service and you will be billed for the amount of time that your move actually takes. We do our best to schedule the appropriate moving help you need. We would never under sell you services as that would certainly cause a disaster for everyone. Also, we do our best to help you design the most economic moving plan possible. Ultimately our services are customizable and we tailor to fit your needs and requests. Our advice and quotes are only as good as the information our customers provide. Incomplete, non-specific or inaccurate information often results in an under booking. Additionally, certain requests made of the movers could slow the moving process down significantly, causing an under booking. Be sure to call us ahead of time with any changes to your moving plan. We absolutely understand that you do not have a crystal ball and are not able to predict the future and that some circumstances can occur beyond your knowledge or control. Thus, we are happy to work with you to get you through the moving process in the event of an under-booking.


Moving is hard, so we try to be flexible to suit your needs. Our Cancelation policy is subject to change with the peak moving seasons. Please see your quote terms and contract for your personalized cancelation policy.

We reserve the right to cancel due to inclement weather, and so do you. If you feel the weather will have an impact on the conditions of loading or unloading sites please call us right away.

Uncovered stairs or slippery walk ways, for example, are causes for cancelation/rescheduling services. If our movers arrive and find that the conditions are too dangerous for moving furniture, we may need to reschedule.


We accept all major credit/debit cards for convenient payment of your relocation service charges. We do NOT accept personal checks or cash without prior approval.  You can tip your movers cash on moving day if you would like. In addition, you are able to provide a tip utilizing the credit card processor.


In order to continue to deliver affordable moving services and avoid not being paid for our services, all charges for the move must be completed prior to the furnishings being unloaded. We estimate the amount of time that the move will take to complete and collect payment before all items are offloaded from the truck. If payment is not made, we reserve the right according to state law to take possession of the property and hold it in storage for a fee until payment is made.

Moving and Packing Policies for Appliances

Please disconnect all appliances and electronic devices prior to moving day. The gas company must service and provide disconnect/reconnection for all gas appliances. Refrigerators & freezers must be emptied, defrosted & unplugged for at least 24 hours prior to moving day.


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  • Avatar Tyler Church ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    I saw the reviews of this company after I had already booked them. I was really nervous about them coming to my move. These gentlemen showed up on time and provided an excellent service. They took great care and handling all of my items … More that I packed up. They asked me questions when they had them, and genuinely made sure that I was happy with how they were stacking boxes and loading the truck. I would absolutely use this company again. The total time it took to pack up my one bedroom apartment and move 10 minutes across town and unload my items to my house, was around three hours or so. These guys rock!
  • Avatar Patrice Hall ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    I highly recommend. Laquan, Cameron, and Gabe did an amazing job with my move. I didn’t lift a finger. They placed things where I asked, they loaded and unloaded in a timely fashion. They were kind, respectable, and personable. I absolutely … More will use them on my next move. Best moving crew. I give 5 plus stars.
  • Avatar Rebecca Short ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    We were a military family of more than 30 years, so we are more than a little familiar with the art of moving and the characteristics of top notch moving companies. Not terribly long ago a local move had us searching for a moving company. … More It didn’t take long for us to settle on College Dudes Help You Move. Their professional presentation and obviously experienced staff made College Dudes stand head and shoulders above any other companies that we might have been considering.. On moving day their staff showed up at the scheduled time with a written plan for the day’s activities that they readily shared with us. They handled our belongings with care and even went so far as to make suggestions about transporting our house plants. In our many, many moves this one stands out as the absolute best. Thank you College Dudes!
  • Avatar William Wilson ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    During military career, I moved 11 times in 8 years. And over moved 4 times since. So I know movers. College Dudes is one of the best. It's well run, well organized, and, you're replied to In a timely manner. And I love that they … More employ college students, which helps them make money that could possibly help them offset some of those student loans that weigh them down for YEARS after college. So by using them, not only do I get a quality, insured move, but I have a small part in helping a student achieve eventual financial freedom. Would definitely use them for my next move.
  • Avatar Will Murphy ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    College Dudes Help U Move was the best moving experience I have ever had. I have moved many times through the US.
    From the initial order to the final box delivered. The men showed early and we’re prepared. They performed a walk through
    … More the house. They made a quick plan and began work.
    The owner, Abraham, stopped by to ensure the move was on track. He was a delight and very professional.
    Later in the day the GM stopped in and had his men move a few items that we were leaving with the house that were too bulky for me to get my hands around and they willingly and quickly went into action.
    Moving is always stressful. It was nice having professionals that not only performed the job with speed and professionalism but the little extra help went a long way.
    Thanks again College Dudes Help U Move.
  • Avatar Allison Lee ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    We were very impressed with our movers! They all worked the entire time non-stop with a professional and courteous attitude. With the guidance of Jackson , one of the managers, they were very organized to get the job done in the timely … More amount of time that was slated for our move.
  • Avatar Sonya Perry ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    They moved fast and were very courteous. They connected with the customer (and family members that were assisting me) on a personal level. I was very pleased with their services.
  • Avatar Helen Francis ★★★★★ 11 months ago
    Fantastic job guys, very friendly, fast move. The team got everything packed up and moved fast to it’s new home. Thanks again
  • Avatar Ryan Jacob ★★★★★ a year ago
    Appreciate your help you guys were great. Thanks Mason for helping us out! You rock. Tell the guys I said thanks.
  • Avatar Susan Driver ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    This company did a fantastic job moving a piano to our house. They were on time, courteous, and most of all careful. I couldn't believe that I could call one day and the very next day they made the move for us. We will definitely be … More calling College Dudes for any future moving needs.
  • Avatar Sonja Langford ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    I used College Dudes Help U Move to move things from a storage unit and secondary location to a single family residency this past week. Three guys showed up who were kind, thoughtful, and quick. They efficiently moved all my furniture and … More boxes, wrapped things up that could get damaged, and made sure to put things in the correct rooms so unpacking would go smoother. All of my belongings were packed and mostly wrapped prior to their arrival which made the move quick and painless. Could not recommend them more.
  • Avatar Michelle Maxey ★★★★★ 10 months ago
    I did a move a few weeks ago with Eric, Eric, and BJ and they were terrific! They took care of my items, they were efficient with their time, and checked in with me every step of the way to make sure I knew what was going on and what would … More happen next.
    My items were wrapped neatly and no damage was done!
    I give this company 5 Stars for the great work they did and for treating me with respect!
    Michelle M
  • Avatar Kara Brown ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    They did a great job with my move from Davidson to Cornelius. All 3 movers were courteous and respectful, and everything made it in great condition so I'd definitely hire them again!