Packers And Movers In Mocksville

We offer top-notch Mocksville packing and unpacking services to reduce the stress of moving.

Our Mocksville packing services are based on the same hourly rates as moving plus cost of packing supplies.

Hassle-free Packers And Movers In Mocksville

Full-Service Packing

Many customers ask if they should you hire a full service packing crew? This is a decision you need to make based on time versus cost. A packing service could add a couple hundred dollars to your moving budget. However, if you need to take two weeks off of work in order to get your house packed and organized, it may be worth the price. Most of the time, we can pack your home in one day. This saves not only time, but the hassle of living with -and out of- boxes.

Packing specialty items


If you are on a budget or you want to lower the cost of your move, we offer packing of specialty items, particularly fragile only: kitchen, artwork, mirrors or other breakables or valuables. You can also inquire about our crating services for extra valuable items.



If you choose to pack yourself, we offer FREE boxes delivery in the Charlotte area with a $50 minimum order, when you move with College Dudes Help U Move. You pay only for the boxes you use, and we will collect any unused boxes on the day of your move. Don’t know how many boxes you need for your move size? Check our Mocksville Packing PACKAGES.

Mocksville Packers And Movers Near You

We can customize your order with additional items like Wardrobe Box, Mirror Box, and Mattress Cover etc. YOU CAN PLACE BOX DELIVERY REQUESTS FROM YOUR ACCOUNT PAGE ONCE YOU’RE MOVE WILL BE CONFIRMED AND SCHEDULED.

Student Packing In Mocksville                    

  Small Box                                     7

  Medium Box                               5

  Packing Tape                              2

  Dish Box                                      2

  Packing Paper 25lb                   1


Pack Studio Apartment In Mocksville                       

  Small Box                                     10

  Medium Box                               8

  Packing Tape                              3

  Dish Box                                      3

  Packing Paper 25lb                   2


 Pack  1-2 Bedroom  Apartment In Mocksville          

  Small Box                                   15

  Medium Box                               12

  Packing Tape                              4

  Dish Box                                      8

  Wardrobe Box + Bar                   2

  Packing Paper 25lb                   1


Pack 2-3 Bedroom Apartment In Mocksville          

  Small Box                                     18

  Medium Box                               15

  Packing Tape                              6

  Dish Box                                      10

  Picture Box                                 3

  Wardrobe Box + Bar                  3

  Packing Paper 25lb                   1


 Pack 3-4 Bedroom Apartment In Mocksville         

  Small Box                                     25

  Medium Box                               20

  Packing Tape                              10

  Dish Box                                      15

  Picture Box                                 5

  Wardrobe Box + Bar                  5

  Packing Paper 25lb                   1


Pack Small House  In Mocksville                

  Small Box                                     25

  Medium Box                               20

  Packing Tape                              10

  Dish Box                                      15

  Picture Box                                 5

  Wardrobe Box + Bar                  5

  Packing Paper 25lb                   1


Pack Medium House In Mocksville                    

  Small Box                                     35

  Medium Box                               25

  Packing Tape                              12

  Dish Box                                      17

  Picture Box                                 9

  Wardrobe Box + Bar                  7

  Packing Paper 25lb                   1


Pack Large House In Mocksville              

  Small Box                                     40

  Medium Box                               30

  Packing Tape                              15

  Dish Box                                      20

  Picture Box                                 12

  Wardrobe Box + Bar                  8

  Packing Paper 25lb                   2


Pack  X- Large House In Mocksville

  Small Box                                     45

  Medium Box                               35

  Packing Tape                              18

  Dish Box                                      23

  Picture Box                                 15

  Wardrobe Box + Bar                  10

  Packing Paper 25lb                   2



Pack smart – load heavier items into smaller boxes. Overloaded large boxes are more likely meant to carry with 2 movers, one box at a time. Those boxes have a greater chance of collapsing because of their own weight and they are almost impossible to stack in the truck. All of this will slow down your whole move process. Fill up each box to the top, and if necessary, use plenty of packing paper to make sure there is no spare room left.

Book Boxes (1.5 cu. ft.) are designed to hold books! Yes, the smallest boxes should be used for the heaviest items books, papers, files, CDs, DVDs, record albums (some people still have them O), canned food and tools/hardware. Pack them tightly since these cartons often end up on or near the bottom when the truck is loaded.

3-Cubes (3.0 cu. ft.) are used for clothing, small electronics, miscellaneous items from drawers and kitchen cabinets, small picture frames, shoes and many other medium-weight items.

Large Cartons (6.0 cu. ft.) are great for bulky items that do not weigh a whole lot for their size bedding, pots and pans, sweaters, lampshades, etc.

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    When I first called I was very stressed about booking my move because it was last minute but Ricky assisted me and I felt comfortable booking with this company he told me what to expect and how the guys would move my furniture! The next … More day of my move I had Jon and Kevin help me and they were amazing!!!! They took care of my furniture and moved fast as well I was very surprised. Jon was even taking time to show Kevin some new techniques and had him learning how to lead I think he said he was the manager! I wish I could give this company 10 stars!
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    I have used College Dudes on several occasions. They are responsive, professional and great to work with! The first time I used them, they were moving several expensive items for me and they took the time to ensure that these items would … More be safe during the move. I would highly recommend this company.
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    I scheduled my move from 8-10 am and Blake called me about 753 to let me know he was just a few minutes away. I was definitely impressed with him being on time. He and Kevin got to my home and started moving things quickly. The job was … More so much quicker than I thought because they were working hard. Very professional and made sure I understood what I was signing and the cost involved. I will definitely use there services again and recommend them to family and friends.
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    They were extremely helpful and pleasant to work with. From scheduling the move, being transparent about cost range to completing the move. Shout out to Steve, Devin and Will for completing the move. They made sure to take care of my furniture … More and packed everything! They made the move extremely stress free! Highly recommend!
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    College dudes totally changed my opinion about moving. From booking the appointment to the outstanding movers I had. Carlton and Steve went above & beyond to ensure my items were moved safely! They were thorough & had great communication … More about what I was signing & the process at hand. I would recommend Carlton & Steve to every customer!! I’m really blown away about how seamless they made this move for me.
  • Avatar Jason Childers ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    They did a great job. Super professional and courteous. They showed up on time and worked hard the entire time. They are very well priced. Awesome rate for the size of our move. Every other company quoted me at least $1,000 more for my … More 5 bedroom move. You guys really took the stress out of my day. Thank you so much. Highly recommend for anyone looking for competent movers who care.