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When moving a gun safe, there are many factors that go into the total cost of the move. These include: weight and dimensions of your gun safe; whether or not you need to hire movers to help transport it; if you will need to rent a truck or use your own vehicle; and how long does it take for the movers to complete the job. The average gun safe weighs about 900 pounds with an outer dimension size of 48x24x24 inches. This translates into an average price range from $500-$1000 as well as an additional fee between $50-150 for hiring professional movers rather than using your own two hands and equipment.

Moving gun safes can be a risky business for those who are not professional movers. Gun Safes typically weigh between 500-1000 pounds and require special equipment in addition to two people to move safely. Additionally, gun safe owners must consider the cost of renting truck or van; which will vary depending on whether you need to transport it indoors or outdoors. Moving gun safes is just as important as moving any other large household item such as furniture, appliances and electronics. It requires careful planning and consideration before trying to tackle this project without hiring professionals like College Dudes Help U Move.

Can you move a safe by yourself?

If you are able to move a gun safe on your own, it is still advisable that three people do the job together. One person will be in charge of moving and lifting while two others stabilize the gun safe from either side. Lifting too much weight can cause injury so please take precautions by using proper form when hefting heavy items such as gun safes.

How Heavy of a Safe Can I Put Upstairs?

The weight of very large safes will vary, but usually range from 700 to 1100 pounds. Dimensions of a gun safe will also affect how heavy it is. If you are moving up stairs and find that the dimensions of your gun safe exceed 48 inches in width or height, you may want to think about hiring professional help like College Dudes Help U Move right away. In some cases, we can arrange for a service where they deliver the gun safe upstairs on their truck so you have nothing to worry about when it comes time to move day!

Where Is The Best Place To Keep A Gun Safe Home or Garage or Basement?

Many people have gun safes to protect their firearms. But where is the best place in your house or garage that would provide a gun safe with maximum protection?

The basement: This will keep it away from both heat and humidity, which can damage gun stocks over time. Plus, this location makes it easier for you to store ammunition away from children who may be curious about finding some shiny things on an adventure through the house!

A gun cabinet bolted into the wall of a closet: Both closets and cabinets are good hiding places for gun safes because they’re out of sight when not in use. When installing one, make sure that there’s plenty of room inside so that opening doors won’t hit either side of the gun safe!

Is A Home Safe Worth It?

Many people would agree that gun safes are worth the investment. They generally come in a variety of sizes to accommodate most needs and budgets, so they’re easy enough for anyone with some simple tools to install.

It’s also important to remember that gun owners will need other types of security measures as well, including motion detectors or alarms installed throughout their house plus an escape plan in case burglars do happen to get inside! The key thing is not only considering your own safety but how you’ll help keep everyone else around you safe too!

Can I Hire Someone To Move My Safe For Me.

The answer to this question is really simple-yes! Safe movers are available in most cities and they offer a variety of services that can make your move easy. Companies like College Dudes Help U Move offer affordable moving and storage services. In addition, they are available 24/7 and are specialist in gun safe and security safe moving.


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    We were so happy with our move, and grateful to College Dudes for providing everything we needed from start to finish! What a great group of people always there to answer any questions we had and to take such good care of our belongings. … More We’ll definitely use them again, thank you!
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    College Dudes did a great job moving me. They were on time and careful when moving my furniture. They worked really hard the entire time and came in right below the estimate. It’s refreshing to be able to call on a mover that actually cares … More and treats your furniture as if it’s their own. College Dudes Help U Move sent 3 of the best movers to help us and we couldn’t be happier. They helped make a stressful moving day much easier. Thanks 🙏🏾 so much for helping us get our items moved. Best movers ever. 10 ⭐️
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    I had an excellent experience with this company. The movers arrived on time and were efficient and enthusiastic and the move was quick and painless. Nothing was broken and the guys were personable and professional. I highly recommend this … More company for a stress free move! Worth every penny!
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    When the movers from College Dudes Help You Move arrived, the team supervisor reviewed the quote provided to me by the company to make sure it was accurate. It was then he explained how the entire moving process would work. All of my movers … More were friendly and in uniform. The team supervisor did a walk through of my house, before starting to get everything wrapped up and taken apart.
    It was indeed a pleasure for my husband and I to work with College Dudes Help Move. I will most definitely recommend this moving service to anyone
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