If you are planning to leave out a lot of things as you move, you might want to have a garage sale in your place. Here are some few tips on how to have a successful garage sale.

1.) Plan your sale.

Nothing beats a person who came in prepared. You can have a garage sale on a weekend at least two weeks before your move or even earlier. Choosing the weekends will be your best option since most workers have day offs on these days. If you schedule it on a Saturday, you can extend it until Sunday just in case your things don’t sell as quickly as you hoped it would. Start your sale early in the morning in a place that will not get too hot when noon strikes. This way, people will still gather around your items to shop no matter what time of the day it is.

2.) Sort your things.

When you are doing a garage sale, you are not only selling items that you no longer use or want. As you’re walking around your home and gathering the things you want to sell, you should make sure that the items you are choosing are still valuable enough to be sold at a fair price. Sort your things out and identify the items that are used but not abused. Think the way your customers think. If you were the one going to a garage sale, would you want to find this there? Do you think it can be sold? If the answer is no then do not include it in your garage sale. This way you can save few bucks when you hire Charlotte moving company.

3.) Set the price and organize.

After sorting out your things, it is now time to group them. Sort them once again according to their own kind or category and name their price. You can place stickers on your items to indicate the amount they are sold for or you can just write it on a paper and group them according to your list. Be realistic in naming your price. People tend to haggle but if it your products are overpriced then they might just ignore buying anything from you.

4. Spread the word.

After you have identified the things that you are going to sell and how much they cost, you can now send the word out in your neighborhood. You can give fliers so that you can just hand it to your neighbors or print a poster of your garage sale announcement which you can post in the places you are allowed. Keep your announcement short and precise so that they can easily remember the details such as the date of your garage sale and its location. It will also be helpful if you will include in it a general list of items that they can expect in your garage sale. This will help them decide whether or not to visit and buy your items. With the help of social media, you can also post online about your garage sale, some pictures of the items you are selling and its equivalent price. Ask your friends to help you out in sharing your post and/or make them visit you on the day of your sale.

5.) Arrange your items well.

A day or a few hours before your garage sale, organize your products properly. If you are selling clothes then you can hang them neatly in a rack. If there are books then stack them properly in a position that people can immediately read its title and author. Carefully arrange your items and make sure that if you have a price sign, it can be read clearly even from afar.

6.) Sell your stuff

On the day of your garage sale, expect that customers will bargain with you for a much lower price. When this happens, remember that your ultimate reason for selling is to get rid of the things you no longer wanna bring with you and earning from those things only comes in second. So do not get too hung up on price. Just think about the hassle you are taking away from your shoulders once you get those items sold.

7.) Plan for your unsold items.

Having a garage sale is not a guarantee that you will be able yo eliminate all the items that you have offered. You’ll probably end up with a few unsold items at the end of the day. Therefore you have to plan on what to do to your unsold things. If it is just two or three then you can just offer it for free to some of your customers who had bought a lot or anyone who would gladly take them. If you still have a lot of stuff needed to get rid of them you can consider giving them to a local charity shop. Moving companies near me can drop your donations off for you and even help you remove all the junks around as you relocate.